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The Modern Alternative to Traditional Care

Laser dentistry is one of the many ways we help make patient experiences at our office more convenient and comfortable. Common treatments, such as for a “gummy” smile or gum disease, can now be performed with our diode laser instead of the traditionally invasive scalpel-and-suture methods. This not only allows for faster and more efficient treatment, but helps those fearful of scalpels or associated pain to receive the dental care they need. This modern alternative also helps minimizes trauma to healthy gum tissue during treatment and reduces bleeding and swelling afterwards. Laser dentistry is so gentle, in fact, that though we offer sedation, it is rarely needed. With laser dentistry, your treatment is less painful, more effective, and more convenient, with improved healing and recovery times!

Dr. Myers Talks About Laser Dentistry

Comfortable, Innovative Care

Innovative laser dentistry improves experiences for a number of treatments, though the most notable is laser gum therapy for gum disease. With the aid of dental lasers, diseased gum tissue is eradicated without trauma to surrounding healthy tissue. Along with treating gum disease, we use our dental laser to perform the following procedures:

Laser Dentistry

Soft Tissue Recontouring

Laser recontouring can improve a “gummy” smile by reshaping the gum line to be more pleasing and symmetrical, helping to balance the tooth-gum ratio. Recontouring can also be used to access areas of the teeth where too much gum tissue is present to address areas of concern below the gum line.

Laser Dentistry


A laser gingivectomy benefits patients with gum disease by removing the gum tissue that has been damaged by bacteria. The laser is used to rid the gums of diseased tissue and recontour the gum line for a more healthy and balanced smile.

Laser Dentistry


A laser frenectomy removes the small fold of tissue (frenulum) from the upper lip between the two front teeth or under the tongue. This helps the lip and tongue to move more freely, allowing for better speaking and eating, especially for breastfeeding infants.

Laser Dentistry

Herpetic lesions

Herpetic lesions, or cold sores, can be successfully treated with a dental laser, which works to destroy the virus that causes these cold sores to form. Many times, the laser treatment is so effective, the probability of the lesion forming in the same area is greatly reduced.

Minimally-Invasive Treatment, Optimal Health

Dental lasers require that the doctor using them be trained and certified in use and safety protocols, as well as procedural techniques and operating parameters. Dr. Dan Myers is skilled in providing high-quality care through laser dentistry and is experienced in a wide range of procedures using the diode laser. Choosing this alternative to traditional methods can greatly increase your comfort and safety during treatment and helps jumpstart the healing process and regeneration of soft tissue. We can advise you on the best treatment method for your condition and help you achieve optimal oral health with our minimally invasive options!

Comfortable laser dentistry provides beautiful results!

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