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Modern Orthodontics: Straighter Smiles Achieved Invisibly

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The Power of Innovative Orthodontics

Modern orthodontics, such as Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles®, are today’s alternative to traditional braces that use invasive metal brackets and wires. These highly innovative and discreet solutions help straighten mild-to-complex cases of misalignment using the power of customized and modern materials. Many adults and teens find that Invisalign and Six Month Smiles are ideal orthodontic treatment options for busy lifestyles, especially because of the ease and quickness at which teeth can be straightened. Dr. Dan Myers will be able to determine your custom treatment plan at your personalized consultation at our dental offices in Alpharetta, GA and Sandy Springs, GA.

Straightening Teeth Quickly and Effectively

Depending on your unique smile goals and condition of your teeth, we will help you determine whether Invisalign or Six Month Smiles in Alpharetta, GA and Sandy Springs, GA is right for you. Invisalign can effectively correct crowded, rotated, and spaced teeth as well as open bites, crossbites, and over- and underbites. Six Month Smiles straightens teeth faster, because it focuses on the front teeth that are visible when you smile. Though taking different approaches, Invisalign clear aligners and the discreet bracket-and-elastic system of Six Month Smiles can both straighten teeth quickly and efficiently, oftentimes faster than traditional braces.

The benefits of straight teeth include:

  • Improved smile aesthetics
  • More effective at-home care
  • Increased oral function
  • Decreased risk for decay and disease
  • Improved overall confidence
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Dr. Myers Talks About Six Month Smiles®

Our Orthodontic Solutions

Though severe malocclusion can most benefit from traditional braces, many of our patients are candidates for the less-invasive alternative of clear aligner orthodontics like Invisalign and Six Month Smiles. With the discreetness of clear aligners, adults and teens alike can straighten their teeth without the embarrassment and hassle of bracket-and-wire braces!



Invisalign is a series of custom-made clear aligners that are replaced every few weeks with a slightly adjusted set to further straighten teeth. These aligners are worn for 20 to 22 hours each day and are easily removed for at-home oral care and when eating and drinking.


Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles is a bracket-and-elastic solution that can straighten teeth in just six months. This is possible because it focuses on adjusting only the teeth that show when you smile. Though these braces are fixed to the teeth, they are tooth-colored for a more discreet appearance.

Straighten teeth invisibly with modern orthodontics in Alpharetta, GA & Sandy Springs, GA!

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