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Even if you do not have dental insurance, you can greatly reduce your dental costs and receive excellent oral health care. The Dentist Centers offer an in-office dental savings plan that minimizes your out-of-pocket costs for dental treatments and covers many preventive care services. Our goal is to ensure that dental care is affordable and attainable for all our patients, helping you and your family maintain healthy, beautiful smiles.

The Dental Assistance Savings Plan is available to anyone that wants to lower their dental costs. We have plans for individuals, couples and families, all with set, low yearly fees. Unlike dental insurance, there aren’t any deductibles that must be met before you can start using your benefits. Also, there is no maximum on your savings. The plan offers significant discounts on most dental services we offer, helping to reduce your costs to maintain a beautiful smile.

Affordable Dental Care Without Insurance

Our in-office savings plan includes many of the preventive care services you need to maintain a healthy smile. A periodic and limited exam is covered 100% each year, along with two dental cleanings. Most x-rays are covered 100% with the plan, and a full series is covered at 50% once every five years. In addition, most general dentistry treatments are discounted, as well as some cosmetic and orthodontic services.

With our dental savings plan, you never need pre-authorization or claim forms to use your discount. Whether you want a cost-effective option to maintain your own oral health or a budget-friendly dental plan for your family, this is a viable option. Plus, we also have flexible payment options through CareCredit and GreenSky financing for any out-of-pocket costs you encounter.

Everyone deserves to have access to quality, affordable dental care. To learn more about our Dental Assistance Savings Plan, contact our team at The Dentist Centers. Benefits begin as soon as you sign up, so you can join the same day you schedule your first checkup and cleaning.

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