Dental Implant Cost

Determining Dental Implant Cost

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Invest in the Longevity of a Healthy Smile

If you are suffering from one or more missing teeth, it can be tempting to turn to a quick-fix solution to remedy the situation quickly and cheaply. Many of these solutions, however, are short-term options and do not address the underlying concerns of tooth loss. Without strong and stable healthy teeth, it becomes increasingly difficult to bite and chew. In addition, a jaw bone not stimulated by natural teeth will resorb, causing changes with the facial appearance and movement to remaining teeth. A more permanent solution is needed to address these issues long-term and provide the necessary restoration of health and beauty to the smile. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that can successfully halt jaw bone loss and improve a patient’s quality of life by restoring nearly 100 percent of the function and appearance of natural, healthy teeth. Dental implant cost is a common and valid concern for many, and it is our goal to help you determine your dental implant cost to help restore the strength, security, and aesthetics of your smile.

Dr. Myers Discusses The Factors Of Dental Implant Cost

Factors that Determine Dental Implant Cost

  • Number of dental implants
  • Severity of the case
  • Location of placement
  • Bone grafting
  • Sinus lift
  • Tooth extraction
  • Gum disease treatment

Creating the Most Ideal Treatment Plan

Dental implant cost is determined primarily by the procedures needed to establish a healthy foundation, in addition to the surgery itself. This means that if we discover extensive jaw bone loss or the presence of gum disease, appropriate treatment must be completed beforehand to ensure the best environment for your dental implants. Dental implant cost is, therefore, concluded on a case-by-case basis, based off these factors and the unique situation of each patient. In this way, treatment is highly customized and focused primarily on your individual oral health needs.

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Guaranteeing Longevity and Durability

Dr. Dan Myers educates you on all of these procedures before treatment begins and never recommends a treatment not necessary to your individual situation. This approach allows you to make an informed and confident decision about the future of your dental health. If you choose to pursue dental implants to restore your missing teeth, Dr. Myers creates a custom treatment plan and dental implant cost plan designed to provide the best functional and aesthetic outcomes for you. Furthermore, we only use the best dental implant materials and leverage dental technology to aid in creating the most accurate and beneficial outcomes. This helps us guarantee the longevity and durability of your dental implant solution.

Are you ready to invest in the long-term health of your smile?

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