Chipped Tooth Repair

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Chips, cracks and broken teeth can be in jeopardy of further damage or loss. Not only does damage to a tooth change its appearance, it weakens the structure and leaves it susceptible to decay or infection. Our team at The Dentist Centers can repair damaged teeth, restoring health, form and function to your smile. We offer quick, effective repairs for chips and cracks with tooth-colored options to protect the beauty of your smile.

Chipped Tooth Repair

Even a small chip on a tooth can put it at risk for problems. While a chipped tooth rarely is painful in the beginning, it should be repaired quickly. Lost enamel can expose the softer dentin underneath, which is more vulnerable to decay and infection. In one visit, most chips and small cracks can be filled or bonded to protect the inner pulp and restore the shape and integrity of the tooth. We offer composite fillings and dental bonding that can be color-matched to your smile for a discreet, safe tooth repair.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

Teeth are incredibly strong and can withstand high amounts of pressure and impact. However, if a tooth is weakened or the impact is severe enough, cracked or broken teeth can occur. It is critical to have a severely damaged tooth examined and repaired quickly. If a crack is allowed to progress, it could extend to the root, and the tooth may be lost. We can repair most damaged teeth with fillings, inlays, onlays and dental crowns, preventing loss and protecting your smile.

If you have a damaged tooth that you need repaired, contact us at The Dentist Centers today. We offer emergency dental repairs for painful or severely damaged teeth. Call our office for a prompt tooth repair appointment to stop the pain and protect your tooth from further damage.

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I have been going here for over 9 years. I love the staff. From Dr. Myers to the front office, they are all top notch. I have never waited more than 5 minutes to get back in a room for what ever procedure I am having. I would recommend them to anyone.

Lauree W.

Best dentist ever! Dr. Myers and his staff are amazing. I have had dental challenges in the past and have been judged by other dentists. I never feel judged when I go to the dentist now. Dr. Myers also gives the least painful numbing shots that I’ve ever had. Highly recommend!

Chris G.

Dr meyer abd his staff have been an amazing group for the 13 years I have been there. Today specifically I was in an extreme amount of pain and they made immediate accommodations for me , and all though the procedure was not present they were compassionate , kind , and informative throughout the process. I love these people and all they have done for me!

Thomas J.

Very pleasant experience. Very kind, caring and professional. I had mixed results from my whitening. Looks like some of the bleach stuck better and therefore whitened better. They took some x rays and suggested a crown which I may look into soon. We'll see how the money flow is. But I will definitely look to them for future needs.

Michael S.

I am so glad I went to cosmetic dentistry for my procedure. Dan Myers and staff made me feel comfortable. For me, the procedure was a bit stressful but I knew I was in good hands. I felt like it would never end. Yet Dan Myers never lost patients. I have been to other dentists but there is no other dentist I would rather have treating me.

Murray L.

Dr. Dan and his staff are friendly, professional, and efficient. I rarely spend time in the waiting room. I'm usually greeted by first name as soon as I walk in the door and a dental chair is already waiting for me. No high pressure sales here, just a straight-shooter dentist and a rock star team. Highly recommended.

Brian M.
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