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Bone Grafting is the First Step Toward a Restored Smile

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Rebuilding Jaw Volume After Bone Loss

Jaw bone loss can occur for many reasons, though the most common are due to tooth loss, oral trauma, and gum disease. This can harm facial aesthetics and increase the risk of teeth becoming loose or being lost, if enough of the bone recedes. In the case of tooth loss, the jaw bone will continue to resorb, harming the stability of the surrounding teeth and causing the facial features to shrink inward. Extensive loss of jaw bone volume may also eliminate dental implants as a restorative option. Bone grafting successfully restores this lost bone in the jaw to rebuild proper volume, height, and strength to the area. Restoring lost bone is the first step toward repairing your smile. With proper bone volume, you can replace any number of missing teeth and enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile once again!

Comprehensive Bone Grafting Services

The bone grafting procedure involves taking bone material from the patient’s body or a donor source and securing it to the site in need of rebuilding. Once covered with a protective membrane, the gums are sutured in place and the area is allowed to heal and fuse together. This establishes a strong foundation if you choose dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth. Depending on where the bone loss has occurred, or the extent of the loss, we may recommend a sinus lift or ridge augmentation. A sinus lift adds bone grafting material underneath the sinus cavity in the upper back portion of the jaw to build up enough bone height to accommodate a dental implant. A ridge augmentation preserves the bone after a tooth extraction to ensure less bone is resorbed and the ridge height remains intact.

The benefits of bone grafting include:

  • Prevents further bone loss
  • Preserves the jaw bone ridge
  • Prevents surrounding teeth from shifting
  • Enables dental implant placement
How Bone Grafting Works

Gentle Care, Beautiful Results

Bone grafting allows patients to choose between a wider range of restorative options. Even dentures can rest more comfortably on a healthy jaw ridge. Dr. Dan Myers has been helping patients restore valuable jaw bone volume for 20 years, and is experienced in providing gentle care that produces beautiful results. If you have jaw bone loss due to missing teeth and have been told you are not a candidate for dental implants, please visit our office. Dr. Myers can provide education on your treatment options during your consultation.

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