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Additional Services for More Comprehensive, Convenient Care

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Exceptional Dental Services in One Convenient Location

We are committed to providing comprehensive dental care that is patient-centric, education-focused, and convenient for the whole family. One way we strive to provide exceptional care is through our comprehensive list of services. This not only allows you to remain in a single office location for treatment, but means you will receive the same prompt, high-quality care at every appointment. If you have a specific concern or are simply looking for a new dentist, we are here to provide everything from routine cleanings to composite fillings and sedation dentistry.

Efficient, Comfortable, Quality Care

Our wide range of dental services can help you restore health and beauty to your smile in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. As our patient, you can trust in the quality and expertise of The Dental Centers and our experienced dentist, Dr. Dan Myers!

Additional Services

Occlusal adjustment

Teeth worn down due to bruxism (teeth grinding) sometimes do not rest together properly and can cause the jaw muscles to spasm. We adjust the surface cusps of certain teeth to re-establish a harmonious bite.

Additional Services

Oral pathology exam

Certain diseases, such as oral cancer, may only have subtle signs at first. Routine oral pathology exams check for changes in the soft tissue of the mouth and the tongue, including discoloration, cysts, bumps, and tumors.

Additional Services

Pediatric dentistry

Children should be established in a dental home by the age of one or just after their first tooth erupts. Focused on prevention and establishing good habits, we provide hygiene cleanings, fluoride treatment, and dental sealants.

Additional Services

Preventive dentistry

Routine dental visits are the best way to ensure that proper oral health is maintained and conditions or diseases are caught early. Preventive care includes hygiene cleanings, x-rays, and oral cancer screenings.

Additional Services

Teeth grinding

Teeth clenching and grinding (bruxism) can lead to an uneven bite, wear on the teeth, and TMJ issues. We provide custom dental appliances that help keep the teeth from touching during sleep.

Additional Services

Sedation dentistry

Patients sometimes need additional assistance feeling safe and comfortable during dental appointments. We offer free nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and local anesthetic to block sensations of pain and soothe your nerves.

Additional Services

Composite fillings

Cavities of the teeth require timely treatment to halt further damage to the area and preserve the tooth. Composite fillings used to restore the site after treatment are tooth-colored and safe.

Additional Services

Snap-On Smile®

Teeth with minor misalignment can benefit from Snap-On Smile, instead of having to undergo extensive orthodontic treatment. Snap-On Smile fits snugly over the teeth to provide an instantly straight smile.

Additional Services

Inlays & Onlays

Slightly damaged teeth may not require an entire restorative dental crown. Inlays rest within the cusp tips of teeth to cover a larger filling. Onlays cover a larger portion of the tooth, including one or more cusps, to restore shape and height.

Additional Services

Emergency cases

We provide emergency dental care for patients that do not require immediate medical attention at the hospital. This can include a knocked-out tooth, a toothache, or filling and crown restorations.

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The Highest Quality of Care, Every Time

One of our practice missions is to provide exception care that is on time, every time, in offices that are open, welcoming, and of the highest possible quality. Dr. Myers, takes pride in offering his patients a prompt, fast, and efficient patient experience that covers a range of dental health concerns. This comprehensive approach to your care streamlines your treatment process and keeps your standard of care at the highest level possible. At the Dental Centers, you and your family can enjoy the same high-quality care with every single visit!

Our comprehensive services provide more convenient care for you and your family!

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