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Diagnosing TMJ Disorder

Issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw muscles cause many of our patients to come to us with concerns of chronic jaw pain, discomfort moving their mouth, and persistent headaches or migraines. At times, the severity of their TMJ disorder is so debilitating, they experience intense jaw pain and even lock jaw. Because symptoms can overlap between issues with the facial muscles or the joint itself, proper diagnosis is required to provide the best possible treatment. Dr. Dan Myers can help you find relief from your TMJ pain with effective and custom treatment solutions based off a thorough examination and assessment of the muscles and joints.

The Relief of Effective Treatment

With the establishment of a proper diagnosis, we can begin your treatment journey to a pain-free smile. Proper TMJ treatment can relieve patients of chronic jaw pain and tension, help reduce or eliminate headaches and migraines, and restore necessary mouth movement for chewing, speaking, and yawning. Treating symptoms of TMJ can also help keep your teeth safe from the harmful effects of clenching and grinding. Overall, proper care can improve your quality of life by helping to resolve chronic pain or discomfort, improving sleep and reducing daytime fatigue, and allowing for a wider dietary range.

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Custom Care for Each Unique Case

Each of our TMJ patients are unique and each require unique treatment plans as a result. We offer three different and effective options, along with customized care if you suffer from both TMJ and sleep apnea. Once a consultation is complete, we will recommend the best plan of treatment for your unique case.

TMJ Treatment

Oral Appliances

An oral appliance fits much like a custom sports mouth guard and is worn to keep the teeth from touching. Especially for clenching and grinding, these appliances keep symptoms of TMJ at bay by not letting the jaw joint become overworked and spasm.

TMJ Treatment


Anti-inflammatory medication helps to lessen muscle pain and swelling, while muscle relaxers can help relieve tension and pressure in the jaw joint. Medication may also be in the form of antianxiety medicine to relieve stress that can cause teeth clenching.

TMJ Treatment


BOTOX injections in the temporomandibular joint help to temporarily paralyze muscles, halting clenching and grinding. This also allows the jaw muscle to heal, relieving jaw pain and associated issues, such as headaches or pain in the head, neck, and back.

Your jaw can once again function properly with effective TMJ treatment!

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